✿ 4 Ways Helping children to be cheerful and positive ✿

30 January 2015

Some ideas that we can try to practice to help children upbeat and positive.

1. Gratitude
One good and easy way to educate children so that they become more positive thinking is to practice gratitude . Every day , ask our children express their grateful to have it . Select a consistent time to share that gratitude among each other ( after maghrib prayer while waiting for incoming time 'Isyak, example ) and repeat for 21 days so that it becomes a habit. Do'a before bed may also be used as a ritual to express gratitude . Studies indicate where this simple ritual can help the brain induce something kindness and help establish a good and positive memories from time to time .

2. SMILE . 
Smiles on the lips have a miracle to improve our mood and outlook . When we see a person smiling , neurons in our brain receives the signal and tells our brain to reply back the smile . This action will spread the joy in our environment . Train children to be easy smile, always give a smile to them beforehand .

 Encourage children to take at least two minutes each day to write a positive experience that they pass on the day. Our brain can not make the difference between a visualization with real experience , so by writing a journal about the positive experiences through which positive impact twice .

4. PLAY . 
Assign at least 15 minutes a day to do fun activities together like playing badminton , cycling together , play hide and seek and so on . Habits of fun for 15 minutes is not only good for physical health but also good for reducing the risk of stress and depression .

Have a nice day!