✿ The Body Shop Products ✿

5 March 2015

Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera..

   I was inspired to write this article after buying a couple of The Body Shop's products. First off let me say I LOVE THE BODY SHOP'S products they are absolutely fantastic & have a very high quality to them that is unmistakable. I love all of their products including body butters, make up & skin care.. & I love them. I have been a huge fan of The Body Shop products since last 2014.The smells are amazing & some of the products really work for me. everytime I go to the mall, I always pass by the body shop, the sales ladies are always oh so nice & ready to help you with anything. The Body Shop are the best. everything they sell does the job brilliantly.

I had been using their products for like 1 year, the bodywash & body butter,scrubs & the moisture white foundation are my favorites. Also the brushes are specially designed in the fact that each fibre is individualy rounded to help pick up the product & spread it evenly around the face giving a flawless finish. Lets take these products & modify our life style. hehe..

Smelling good for some reason is extremely important to me. When I need to re-up on my good-smelling products, this is where I go. In general, I love the Body Shop becoz they use fair-trade products with as many all-natural or organic ingredients as possible, they don't test on animals & their prices are right.

Also, if you get a membership card from The Body Shop, you'll be eligible for discounts, promotions & free gifts. For anyone who loves to smell good & pamper themselves, The Body Shop is the perfect place. I will absolutely continue to shop here for everything from my make-up, hair products, skin products, etc...that's all.