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16 January 2015

  I read a lot of reviews before deciding to spend so much money for this item. I am on the hunt for something to help uneven skin tone. I have been using this product for six months now & I do not feel that it did anything special for my face :'( I used this twice a day but after six month my uneven skin tone is the same. I won't be purchasing again, too expensive for the results I got :'(

  I bought those tiny sample bottles from DeDancelion.com, because the regular bottle was quite expensive. I'm one of those people that if a product works really well for me, I will spend some money to keep in my lifestyle. Before investing RM500-600 on it, I wanted to try a mini version only RM200. Thank God, I did. It took me 6 months to maintain a consistent skincare routine & find out it's not working well on my face :'(

                              Now, I'm trying to make my skin normal again. (I'm in red)

  I'd like to brighten my skin. I have an uneven skin tone & want to know if anyone has tried a product that works. Any brand(s) as long as Halal. would be helpful. Thanks.