23 January 2015

They say that a mother is only as happy as her least happy child. As a mother, we live, breathe & sacrifice for the well-being of our children. Seeing them succeed is the best thing in the world.The important thing to remember is that the love we invest in our children absolutely makes a difference, even if we don't see it bear fruit at first.

The process of teaching children to read requires parents to be creative , sensitive & patient. Follow these guidelines & tips for parents who want to teach children to read at home ;

1. Time.

 Avoid starting a study session on the situation of children are hungry or uncomfortable. Preferably sessions after the child wakes up from sleep , or after a meal or after a bath. Parents should know that the best time to teach children .

2. Short Time.
Do not take a long time to teach children. They are indeed difficult to focus on the long-term. Ideally, spent only 2-5 minutes to teach children every day.

3. Stop before giving up. 
Make sure you stop before they tired of learning sessions . Stop in instances when they are happy , so they could not wait for the next session .

4. Make learning session fun.
If you are too strict in teaching children, they would soon be bored . Alternating the teaching activities with play. It certainly makes your child feel good about learning .

5. Practice giving compliments and gifts.
To attract their interest in reading, you can give the praise to them . Also, give them gifts such as stars , biscuits and other so they are more excited to continue reading.

6. Parents are in a good emotional state.
 Avoid teaching children when emotions are not good. If you 're angry , tough first learning session and do not forget to replace the appropriate time . Avoid angry , punitive, or forcing a child while teaching .

7. Learning space are comfortable and clean. 
Make sure your child learn in a comfortable and clean . Keep away from children's games during the learning session . Use tables and chairs accordance with the child's height so they are more comfortable .

So how? Has been willing to teach your children to read at home ? If you have any other tips , let share in the comment box below , hope useful to other parents as well .

Have a nice day!


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