✿ Mama Bridal ✿

3 February 2015

Since the last 7 years ago my family was already involved in business, selling Muslimah dresses, blouses and veils , ranging from small scale business we were able to open up a boutique shop that is quite spacious and comfortable. In within 7 years it was a lot of challenges, but thanks Allah, we were able to survive until today . Alhamdulillah.

To see the growth of decorating wedding dais business today, makes me & my sister Bie feel like trying, Planning to name our bridal business with "Mama Bridal" in honor of our beloved Arwah Mama,  even if this business is quite challenging because it requires high commitment and should dare to sit down and talk with anyone who requires our service . Need to be patient with client because it is their right and we as responsible parties have to be more professional in dealing with clients demands in order to meet their tastes . Bie & I challenged to try this business because we want to try something new, something challenging. I think the world today's fast growing business, make it easy for us to find a design to be made in the aisle . 

I have been collecting pictures of wedding decorations specifically for me as my reference in the future and for those who are looking for inspiration . Among them was an outdoor wedding decorations , simple wedding decorations , wedding decorations at home , and modern . Mini dais for engagement or Nikah , All image below are my collections from various sources . Here are the samples;

Simple Engagement Dais

Nikah Dais Decor


Outdoor wedding decor.

Engagement & Marriage is a most precious moment in life . For the wedding ceremony was made ​​such that the excitement of the beautiful decor of the dais arrangement . To get an idea of how the arrangement of the dais, we must have a reference .

Have a nice day!