✿ The Body Shop - Strawberry Bath and Shower Gel ✿

23 January 2015


Strawberry is something I am not very fond of. in all senses but TBS products, they truly are amazing. This strawberry shower gel its foams cleans well. It lasts about a month. I first bought this a year ago in a small bottle & I loved it & I have now purchased a large bottle, which really worth the RM29.90 huge amount great price.. The smell lingers on your body for whole day & easy to wash but still that moisturizing! Great product with worthy price! ;) 

This shower gel has a decent lather & forms bubbles, hence it’s perfect for a romantic bubble bath. It lathers the best when used with a bathing net. I gently rub it all over my skin with the help of a bathing net & it leaves my skin very soft & refreshed. It's cleanses well & leaves skin feeling light & moisturized. The smell is absolutely babelicious, although a little light. In order to smell this fragrance on my skin after a shower, I have to let it sit onto my skin for about a minute or two, so maybe they could improve on the lingering power, other than that this product is great!

Its fresh & pure strawberry fragrance will give you a great bathing experience, which does not hurt your nose, but makes you feel relaxed ;)

Have a wonderful day!